Embracing Change: Creating a Need-Based School Library is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Lakisha Brinson  October 21st, 2015 

Lakisha Brinson of Amqui Elementary School in Nashville, TN was named a School Library Journal School Librarian of the Year Award finalist in August 2015. Stay tuned...

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Three Ways to Create a Culture of Kindness at School and Help Prevent Bullying

Judy Goldberg  October 15th, 2015 

Yes, it’s National Bullying Prevention Month and no, I won’t be sharing a heart-wrenching chronicle about a child (or a community) who has been devastated by cruelty. Don’...

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How to Awaken a Dormant Reader

Penny Kittle  October 13th, 2015 
I am sure I will meet dormant readers this year, and even though my running metaphor may not be a perfect match, it has reminded me of a few important things.

What Can We Learn from Hogwarts About Effective Learning Environments?

Pam Allyn  October 12th, 2015 
So, what can we as educators and parents learn from the Hogwarts magic to build the ideal learning environment?

Rosie Perez on Bringing the Arts to Underserved Children

Suzanne McCabe  October 9th, 2015 

Rosie Perez made her acting debut in Do the Right Thing in 1989. Since then, she has tried to live up to the title of Spike Lee’s film. She is a fierce...

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A 124-Year-Old Magazine for Teachers Gets a New Name

Tara Welty  October 7th, 2015  Comments • 1

In 2012, a few weeks after I first became editor-in-chief of Instructor magazine, I met a woman named Marilyn Schutz, the publisher of The Big Deal Book...

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Live Streaming Announced for National Family Engagement Symposium Starting Oct. 4

Tyler Reed  September 29th, 2015 

The Scholastic FACE Symposium, an annual gathering of family and community engagement leaders from across the country, kicks off October 4th in Miami. This year, we're...

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Arne Duncan's Bus Tour Uncovers a Rural Gem

Wayne D'Orio  September 22nd, 2015  Comments • 1

This post first appeared on Scholastic Administr@tor magazine's website on September 21, 2015.

How I’m Rethinking Aspects of My Professional Practice This School Year

Maria Nichols  September 18th, 2015 

Without fail, my most invigorating professional experiences have been those that offered opportunities to work closely with colleagues.

Embedded thumbnail for Setting the Stage for a Productive Year of Writing

Setting the Stage for a Productive Year of Writing

Tyler Reed  September 17th, 2015 

Ruth Culham, author of the Traits Writing program, shares her thoughts in this video for how teachers can set the stage for a productive year of student writing.


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10 Sample Lesson Plans to Try This September (or Anytime)

Suzanne McCabe  September 10th, 2015  Comments • 1

At the start of a new school year, where do you look for lesson plans and engaging conversation-starters that will interest your students? Many teachers tell us that they...

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Embedded thumbnail for The Right Book is a Key to Understanding, Self-Motivation and Joy

The Right Book is a Key to Understanding, Self-Motivation and Joy

Tyler Reed  September 9th, 2015 

Earlier this year at the White House Early Childhood Summit, Scholastic committed to donating 300 libraries of board books to Early Head Start programs through the "Invest...

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My Back to School Promise: Books, Glorious Books!

Annie Ward  September 8th, 2015  Comments • 2

If I had a plane, I would skywrite “Books, Glorious Books—and Time to Read Them!” for all to see. Knowing that voluminous reading is key to...

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Learning From—and After—Katrina

Suzanne McCabe  September 2nd, 2015 

A version of this post first appeared on Scholastic's On Our Minds blog.

Scholastic News Kid Reporter Samuel Davis, 12, of Shreveport, La., is too young to...

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How to Get Students Back into the Writing Zone

Ruth Culham  August 27th, 2015  Comments • 1

During the first week of school, I will often ask students if they did any writing over the summer. Almost universally, they will tell me “no.”

But I know this just...

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Why We Need More Poetry in Schools

Kwame Alexander  August 19th, 2015 

Below is an excerpt from an article I co-wrote with Chris Colderley, "Making Words Dance," in this month's Language Magazine, August 2015.

Stopping the Summer Slide in Rhode Island

Andy Moffit  August 17th, 2015 

The author is the First Gentleman of Rhode Island.

The Two-Gen Approach to Early Education

Karen Baicker  August 14th, 2015 

Several years ago, Scholastic teamed up with the Yale Child Study Center to answer the question, “How can we help build resilience in struggling communities?...

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Tapping into the Mammalian Brain, or How One Man Helped Make School More Interesting

Suzanne McCabe  August 6th, 2015 

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for a robot that can walk on two legs,” says James R. Stellar, senior vice president for academic affairs and provost at the University of...

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Embedded thumbnail for Three Prerequisites for Effective Family Engagement

Three Prerequisites for Effective Family Engagement

Karen Mapp  August 4th, 2015 

Over the past twenty years, I’ve had the privilege to work with educators, policy members, researchers, families, and community members to explore the benefits of and the...

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What I'm Reading - Shanna Peeples, National Teacher of the Year

Shanna Peeples  July 30th, 2015 

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” – Lemony Snicket

If you wandered through my house, or grabbed my phone, you’d quickly...

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NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray Encourages Families to ‘Talk to Your Baby’

Tyler Reed  July 21st, 2015 

Last week, the First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray, kicked off a two-year initiative to distribute 200,000 baby book bundles, donated by Scholastic, to NYC...

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Trends in Early Learning: A Preschool Director Reflects

Suzanne McCabe  July 16th, 2015  Comments • 1

When it comes to early childhood education, no one has all the answers. Jim Matison, however, has quite a few.

Strategies to Improve Students' Analytical Thinking

Laura Robb  July 7th, 2015  Comments • 4

“She can read all the words, but she doesn’t remember anything.”

This is a frequent comment from teachers about students who are outstanding decoders, yet who can’t...

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What the Research Says: Reading and Writing Connections

Lois Bridges  July 2nd, 2015  Comments • 7

Nurturing a love of reading comes naturally when we rely on good research to guide us. On edu@scholastic, we're featuring five important issues related to children's...

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