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13 children's book illustrators create art to promote literacy

Tyler Reed  October 1st, 2013 

As part of Scholastic's "Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life." literacy campaign, we commissioned 13 children's book illustrators to capture the spirit of the campaign...

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Hitting the sweet spot for learning

Tyler Reed  September 30th, 2013 

In this American RadioWorks podcast, psychology professor Dan Willingham explains the learning "sweet spot."

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Why the ability to read complex texts matters

Suzanne McCabe  September 28th, 2013 

The reading of "complex texts" is given tremendous attention in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Why? At Scholastic's recent Teacher Appreciation...

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Families and educators: Partnering for student success

Byron Garrett  September 26th, 2013  Comments • 2

School is in full swing across the country. And we begin a new year with many challenges facing the education system that underscore the need for engaged families, and...

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Houston school district wins prestigious Broad Prize

Tyler Reed  September 26th, 2013 

The Houston Independent School District won the prestigious Broad Prize for Urban Education today in recogition of its efforts in raising achievement, graduation rates and...

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Student ‘grit’ researcher awarded ‘genius grant’

Tyler Reed  September 25th, 2013  Comments • 1

Angela Duckworth, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania widely known for research into the importance of student self control and "grit," was awarded a...

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Cultivating school-to-home communication

Pam Allyn  September 25th, 2013 

I love the energy of the back-to-school season. I love those early days of school when backpacks are still glistening and sneakers are bright white. I love to see the...

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Voyager 1: A moment to be in awe of science and math

Tyler Reed  September 24th, 2013 

Earlier this month, NASA announced that the Voyager 1 spacecraft (launched back in 1977, before I was born) had left the solar system, becoming the first probe to ever...

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Toward a “Common Definition of English Learner”

Allison Wolfe  September 23rd, 2013 

Currently, states and local school districts determine their approach to identifying and classifying students as English learners (ELs). But with 45 states signing onto...

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Independent vs. accountable: What’s in a word?

Lois Bridges  September 20th, 2013  Comments • 8

Every school year spawns a new list of educational fads and jargon. This year I’ve heard a new term: accountable reading.  I’m accountable for delivering my...

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A writer shares tricks of the trade

Allison Wolfe  September 19th, 2013 
The Chronicle of Higher Education:“My Little Bag of Writing Tricks”

In this article, author and creative writing professor Rachel Toor shares a few writing tips.  Some of the highlights:

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It’s not complicated. It’s not easy either.

Suzanne McCabe  September 18th, 2013 

How many educators begin their speeches by singing James Brown's "I Feel Good"? If you answered one, you get an A. If you said Phyllis C. Hunter, give yourself an A+....

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Attendance Awareness Month: A focus on outcomes in Gainesville, Ga.

Windy Lopez  September 16th, 2013 

How can students benefit from effective classroom teaching if they are chronically late and often not in the classroom at all?  Research continues to demonstrate the...

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How to fall in love with math

Anne Sparkman  September 16th, 2013 

A great read from University of Maryland mathematics professor Manil Suri.  The piece shows brilliance and beauty in math beyond arithmetic drills.

Encouraging young, creative teens in art and writing

Anne Sparkman  September 16th, 2013 

More than 90 years ago, only three short years after founding Scholastic, M. R.

Four instructional moves to get kids talking in math class

Mary Mitchell  September 13th, 2013 

With so much attention given to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice, what has risen to the surface for math instruction is the need for students to...

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Screen time for babies? Debating the pros and cons

Tyler Reed  September 12th, 2013 

Don't miss The Atlantic's new education channel! There's already some interesting stuff to check out, including this essay that weighs the pros and cons of exposing very...

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Persons of Pinterest

Allison Wolfe  September 11th, 2013 

Teachers have established a strong presence on social media site Pinterest, which allows users to virtually “pin” photos to categorized boards. Whether you seek book...

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Books and resources to help children learn about 9/11

Tyler Reed  September 11th, 2013 

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the attacks on 9/11. For most adults, it’s hard to believe that so much time has passed since that terrible day. For some older kids,...

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Video: What do the Common Core State Standards mean to you?

Tyler Reed  September 10th, 2013  Comments • 1

You might have seen a recent poll that showed only about a third of all Americans had heard of the Common Core standards.

Here's what happened when we went to the...

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Why do people think math is the most valuable school subject?

Tyler Reed  September 9th, 2013 

Here's a fun game for a Monday afternoon: Come up with your best explanation for the results of this Gallup poll!

Ditch the distractions and listen up!

Suzanne McCabe  September 5th, 2013  Comments • 2

Several months ago, I was invited to do a radio interview.

"Why do they want you?" asked my 93-year-old mother.

"They think I'm an expert on the topic," I...

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The Funds of Knowledge: An ethnographic approach to family engagement

Lois Bridges  September 3rd, 2013 

The Funds of Knowledge, drawn from the seminal work of language researcher Luis Moll, sound like what they are: substantial, essential, hopeful. And I think of...

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Three urban legends about today’s students

Allison Wolfe  August 30th, 2013 

Merriam-Webster defines an urban legend as, “an often lurid story or anecdote that is based on hearsay and widely circulated as true.” In this era of rapid change and...

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Quote: The warping effects of repeated failure

Tyler Reed  August 29th, 2013 

This quote is pulled from a thought-provoking article in this month's Harpers (subscription required) about the logic of requiring high school students to take Algebra II...

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