Helping students learn to read like investigators (and a giveaway!)

Alexandra Wladich  September 30th, 2014 

“Close reading can’t wait until seventh grade or junior year in high school. It needs to find its niche in kindergarten and the years just beyond if we mean to build...

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Mini-PD: The keys to effective classroom management

Alexandra Wladich  September 29th, 2014 

Last week, we hosted a "Mini-PD" session via Google Hangout focused on “The Keys to Effective Classroom Management.” Panelist Kelly Bergman, a master of classroom...

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Talking tech with Lewisville ISD: How one district is building and scaling a 1:X device initiative

Jessica Warren  September 25th, 2014 

While some districts are struggling with 1:1 technology initiatives that aim to provide technology for every student, Lewisville Independent School District is forging...

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Let's think about apps

Hope Crocker  September 24th, 2014 

The new school year is off and running, and technology, as always, is on the minds of educators, leaders and news pundits as well.  As WBUR's Tom Ashbrook points out: "At...

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Free classroom resources for Hispanic Heritage Month

Alexandra Wladich  September 23rd, 2014 

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15) is a time to recognize the many contributions of Latinos to life in the United States and learn about the cultures and...

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Can raising expectations help students build a growth mindset?

Tyler Reed  September 19th, 2014 

We've blogged several times about the importance of students having a growth mindset (rather than a fixed mindset) about their intelligence -- helping them understand that...

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Why you shouldn’t miss your state reading conference (and a giveaway!)

Maria Walther  September 17th, 2014  Comments • 6

 What makes attending a state reading conference so special? The energy and enthusiasm. When you gather thousands of teachers who want to improve their craft you find...

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Scholastic Mini-PD: Best practices in instructional leadership for principals

Tyler Reed  September 16th, 2014 

What does it mean to be an "instructional leader" of a school?

In this "Mini-PD" session recorded on Google+ last night, Sharon Wolder and Sue Szachowicz, the...

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Do you remember when you were 11?

Alexandra Wladich  September 12th, 2014 

Through the magnificent documentary “I AM ELEVEN,” I was recently reminded of how amazing being 11 years old can be.

Five memorable soundbites from the NYT Schools for Tomorrow conference

Wayne D'Orio  September 11th, 2014 

This year’s New York Times’ Schools for Tomorrow conference focused mostly on higher education, but there was plenty of chatter about hot-button K-12 issues such as...

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In New York City, a push for pre-K

Suzanne McCabe  September 9th, 2014 

On September 4, the doors of New York City's public schools swung open to a new crop of students—more than 1.1 million in all.

Because of Mayor Bill de Blasio's...

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Practical tips for teachers: Strengthening relationships with parents

Tyler Reed  September 8th, 2014 

Educators know very well the importance of having strong partnerships with parents, yet building these can be one of the most challenging aspects of the job. Scholastic...

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Twitter education chats: An astonishing source of professional development

Steve Wyborney  September 4th, 2014  Comments • 2

I have recently discovered Twitter, and it has supercharged my professional development. The reason? Twitter education chats!

Two months ago I would have said, “No...

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You CAN learn that!

Hope Crocker  September 3rd, 2014 

It's a new school year! How are you approaching the "productive struggle" of learning?

Consider the importance of expectations. When we expect a task to be easy, it...

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Launching the school year with logic

Mary Mitchell  September 2nd, 2014  Comments • 2

Similar to spending time at the beginning of the school year teaching classroom routines -- walking in hallways, turning in homework, etc. -- we also need to establish...

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