Putting content standards in their place

Mary Mitchell  July 31st, 2014 

As the ongoing debate about content standards continues, Thom Markham establishes 5 priorities for transforming schools:

1. Reconciling information and discovery...

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Teachers: The original life hackers

Hope Crocker  July 30th, 2014 

You’ve probably heard of a life hack—a technique to make something in your life more efficient. Life hack topics range from travel tips to kitchen pantries...to...

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Remembering the importance of language clarity in the classroom

Anne Sparkman  July 29th, 2014 

We all know the saying about what happens when you assume, right? It’s ubiquitous because it can be so, so true. The challenge is, when you’re going a mile a minute and...

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Building a preschool nation together

Alexandra Wladich  July 25th, 2014 

Scholastic and Los Angeles Universal Preschool (a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide access to quality early childhood education programs for children in...

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Student Motivation: It's not just about astronaut suits and crepe paper vines

Mary Mitchell  July 23rd, 2014  Comments • 2

Early on in my teaching career my colleagues and I would spend hours planning and preparing for “highly engaging learning experiences” to motivate students to learn. Once...

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Toddler talk and preparing for school

Anne Sparkman  July 23rd, 2014 

There are a multitude of gaps in the news lately. Whether it is income, inequality or achievement we're talking about it. A more recent one has been gaining attention and...

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The New Yorker gives free access to its archive this summer

Tyler Reed  July 22nd, 2014 
The New Yorker:“Archive”

As The New Yorker rebuilds and relaunches its website this summer (for its 90th anniversary!), they've opened up parts of their archive for free to non-subscribers -- as...

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Do I need a procedure for that?

Hope Crocker  July 21st, 2014 

This summer, take time to think through your classroom procedures. Procedures are the backbone of a productive learning environment; they provide structure so students can...

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What happens when you let students decide what they learn

Jessica Warren  July 18th, 2014 

Here, high school English teacher Deidra Gammill shares her experiences emulating Google's so-called "20% time," which gives employees one day per week to work on whatever...

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Register today: Teacher Week @ Scholastic

Alexandra Wladich  July 17th, 2014 

Attention all teachers! If you will be in the NYC area August 18-21, be sure to register for Teacher Week @ Scholastic. This free-four...

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Homework "helpers"

Suzanne McCabe  July 15th, 2014 

When I was in elementary school, I sometimes helped one of my younger brothers with his homework. Occasionally, I did the homework myself. One afternoon, his teacher,...

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Characteristics of a great STEM lesson

Alexandra Wladich  July 14th, 2014 

Many of the careers today’s students will hold don’t exist yet. The STEM movement aims to reinforce mathematical and scientific skills students need to be successful in...

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How to make games effective learning tools

Tyler Reed  July 11th, 2014 

Our Chief Architect of Learning Sciences, David Dockterman, pens a piece for EdSurge on three key things that make games effective learning tools.

Want your kids to read? Don't offer a reward.

Suzanne McCabe  July 10th, 2014 

Getting children to read over the summer—or any time of year—can be a struggle. Coersion and rewards, writes Daniel Willingham, a University of Virginia psychology...

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Remembering Rick Abrams

Tyler Reed  July 10th, 2014  Comments • 1

We lost a kind, creative and inspiring member of our Scholastic family last month.

Rick Abrams was an entrepreneur who in 1982 co-founded one of the first and most...

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